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[AC] - Inverters for Asynchronous Motors
[AC] - Dual Traction AC Motors Controllers (+ DC pump)
[BL] - Brushless AC & DC Motor Controllers
[EPS] - Electric Power Steering
[PM] - Permanent Magnet Motor Controllers
[H] - Series Wound Motor Controllers
[H] - Series Pump Motor Controllers
[SEM] - Separately Excited Motor Controllers
[PM, H, SEM] - Dual Traction PM, Series and SEM Motors Controllers
Dc-dc converter

POWER SUPPLY FOR AUXILLIARIES:these units are used to supply lamps, fans, windscreen wipers, programmable controllers or battery chargers. Two different models are available. Not isolated (NI): the negative input pole is common with the negative output pole. Isolated (I): negative input pole is isolated from output negative pole.

Technical details

Technical details:
Input voltages 24 ÷ 120V
Output voltages 12 ÷ 24V
Continuous output power:
NI 12V 50 ÷ 150 W
NI 24V 50 ÷ 300 W
I 12V 50 ÷ 360 W
I 24V 50 ÷ 480 W
Dimensions: 180 x 210 x 65 mm


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