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ZAPI (Shanghai) Electronic Equipment Co.,ltd. trades, produces and sells ZAPI electronic control systems for battery powered vehicles. The company was founded in 2013 as a foreign investment of ZAPI spa. ZAPI Shanghai is a further step on the way ZAPI Group is walking to become a global company.

In 1994 ZAPI reached a leadership position in the European market of control systems for electric vehicles. This was accomplished not only in terms of sales volume, but also in terms of the level of technology incorporated in the controls. Today, ZAPI is a well established company operating on an internatonal level, with an increasing market share not only in Europe, but also in North America and the Far East. Actually ZAPI is worldwide leader for AC production in terms of volumes and technology.

While ZAPI control systems are the core of our operations, the ZAPI Group also includes the companies Zivan Srl(high requency battery chargers),ZTP Srl(service on ZAPI products and retrofit business) and Best Motor Srl(electric motors).  



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