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[AC] - Inverters for Asynchronous Motors
[AC] - Dual Traction AC Motors Controllers (+ DC pump)
[BL] - Brushless AC & DC Motor Controllers
[EPS] - Electric Power Steering
[PM] - Permanent Magnet Motor Controllers
[H] - Series Wound Motor Controllers
[H] - Series Pump Motor Controllers
[SEM] - Separately Excited Motor Controllers
[PM, H, SEM] - Dual Traction PM, Series and SEM Motors Controllers
Battery level indicator

This device is used for indication of battery capacity. It incorporates 5 LEDs: if the battery is fully charged, 4 green LEDs illuminate; as the battery capacity reduces, LEDs progressively switch-off; when the battery level reaches the lowest threshold, the red LED illuminates. The indicator may be provided with an internal relay that may be used to stop the lift or traction motor.



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