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ZAPI Group invests heavily into research and development of advanced technologies, and in the application of those technologies to its products. Zapi goal is to provide continuous product improvement through the application of technology that provides a real benefit to our customers. We believe in introducing new technologies first to the market in order to provide a competitive advantage to our customers in terms of performance, cost, efficiency and reliability. The Research and Development department is the real soul of Zapi, the pride of a company which has made innovation its trademark.
The large investment in research and development has born fruit over the years as is demonstrated by the fact that Zapi has been positioned at the forefront of each technological revolution the Material Handling Industry has experienced since the 1980's. Whether you consider the movement to Separately Excited technology in the early 80's or the move to AC technology that started in the mid 90's, Zapi's customers were among the first to introduce the new technology into the market. The market is now poised for another technological revolution with Zapi's 2003 introduction of the first sensorless induction motor control system.
Through our understanding of the application and our technical expertise, Zapi offers customers the following services:
* feasibility and project analysis for complete systems including controllers, electric motors, and accessories.
* operational prototypes are developed quickly, thanks to CAD/CAM systems for the production of printed circuit boards and mechanical parts.
* full complement of verification testing, including: functional tests, thermal evaluations, mechanical shock and vibration testing, electromagnetic compatibility, HALT life cycle testing and IP protection verification.


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